L’Oud Des Eurasie. An elegant restaurant, serving home-cooked but premium halal cuisine and a fine dining experience.

L’Oud Des Eurasie is an elegant restaurant, serving home-cooked but premium halal cuisine and a fine dining experience. The International dishes that are created here are innovative and modern, and embrace the bold aromas of Jerusalem, Persia, Lebanon and the Far East. By combining these Pan Asian elements with the seasonal produce of the West and execution of French techniques, L’Oud Des Eurasie’s heart-warming meals are crafted.

As Sharmin Baksh’s debut on the London dining scene, she has made a huge impact by becoming the Head Chef and Owner of this unique premium halal restaurant. Sharmin has made it possible to construct advanced dining concepts, which reflect not only fine dining but a wholesome atmosphere.


By applying traditional cooking methods, Sharmin showcases her 7 years of experience in restaurant and kitchen operations, as well as her professional fine dining training at The Cordon Bleu. She has managed restaurants, such as The Pavillion Mall in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, and has served on market stalls in Portobello Road and Wembley market. After 15 years of cooking at home, and previous experiences at her parent’s restaurants growing up, her passion doesn’t stop here.

Sharmin has travelled extensively and researched the spices, ingredients and culinary processes of the Middle East. Pairing this interest, with her love of sourcing fresh produce from trusted and ethical suppliers, L’Oud Des Eurasie was born. Her passion exudes this premium halal fine dining restaurant, with the ability to create memorable dining experiences and Pan Asian taste sensations.

Among these skills, she is a mother of six, and has the skills to plan and cook for any occasion or celebration, no matter how many people there are – this is reflected in L’Oud Des Eurasie’s banquet dining services. Sharmin has also managed to create a calming atmosphere within the restaurant by bringing the elegance of woman’s touch. The interior of L’Oud offers an oasis from the bustle of nearby King’s Road and Chelsea Football Club, and the peaceful al fresco seating area provides a serene setting for your fine dining meal.