Our suppliers have their own unique story and inspiration. They are passionate and believe in Animal and Environment welfare. We wanted to pair up with Suppliers who are Genuine and Reliable to source the best quality produce a drop out Medical Student (Sharmin) can get her hands on. Even a change in profession could not change the passion and belief within and hence the emphasis on ethical Supplies. We try our best to source Traceable Meat for our dishes in the hope that piece of Protein on the plate came from a looked after animal. This is our key naturally reared animals, free-range farming, sustainable seafood, compassionate suppliers, small scale/local produce, and halal/kosher meat.





WillowBrook Farm

The farm was established by an ex geography professor at Oxford university 13 years ago. Having been disillusioned by the quality of meats and more importantly the welfare of livestock, he set up this family run farm with their 5 children. The livestock are natural, free range, healthy animals, they’re fed on quality Non-GM feed. They produce Kosher beef, organic lamb and free range chicken, duck and geese.




Organic Halal Meat

Again this farm was borne out from the lack of quality and inhumanly treated livestock that made its way to the halal meat Market. Established in 2006 in a small holding in Kent that supports localisation and contributes to charitable causes through a fixed percentage donation from profits. They sell both “organic” and “natural” meat in that suppliers they use are Soil Association registered and approved and carries the UK5 certification from the Soil Association.





Haloodies termed from Halal foodies was founded by two friends in 2011 initially as a food festival but very soon expanded in to supplying premium quality produce to patrons directly. The loyal and expanding following has been recently reviewed on Radio 4/The Economist/FT and the Observer Food Monthly.




Billingsgate Fish Market

Our menu comprises a variety of seafood from king prawn/lobster consommé to our baked spiced red mullet. Therefore, our executive head chef/ Owner Sharmin routinely visits Billingsgate Fish Market to procure the finest seafood from sustainable producers that deliver fresh seafood straight from the fishing vessels regularly, this is prepared/marinated and kept in Vacuum packs so it hits the plates the freshest.





Natoora, founded in 2001 in Paris with a network of 120 French farmers delivering locally produced, the very best natural produce to Parisians. This concept quickly took off and soon crossed the Channel to UK where collaborations with local British farmers and Portobello Food’s fabulous Italian product range and their French heritage led them to be niche suppliers to Waitrose. Having enjoyed their produce regularly, Sharmin singled them out to be the sole suppliers of culinary vegetables and botanical fruits for L’OUD.





Nestled in Peckham, is a wonderful shop suitably known as a taste of Persia in Peckham. It is run by Ms Sally Butcher who herself has written several books on Middle eastern cuisine and is a connoisseur of fine cuisine from the near East. Her multi faceted shop also imports the spices/nuts/ rose petals – constituent key ingredients that she herself prepares for us ensuring only the finest ingredients being used.




London Fine Foods

For our finer ingredients there is only one supplier LFF. Through their core network of key suppliers that form the supply line into every Michelin starred restaurant in the UK, from the finest caviar to escargots their emphasis on quality of prime ingredients is second to none.





Bionade is a range of organic fermented and carbonated beverages that has many health benefits. It is manufactured in Bavaria, Germany and is produced under the same purity laws used to brew beer but in a unique chemical process that yields non-alcoholic glauconic acid. The drink only consists of natural ingredients malt, water & sugar and fruit essences (lychee/elderberry/orange-ginger/quince and herb).





Lussory again pioneers in the production of a 0% alcohol wine, without additives, flavours or stabiliser. It is a Spanish based company with selected vineyards yielding the best grapes producing the best wines including the Lussory Gold, a sparkling white wine which has 23K gold edible elements to give that feeling of exclusivity.





For our 0.0 % Cocktails, Arkay the multinational producer and distributor of 0% liqueurs that go in to our mojitos, and margaritas are the market leaders. They also have a unique dealcoholisation process yielding the crisp original taste of different liqueurs without the intoxication