L’Oud Des Eurasie’s A la Carte menu consists of french halal dishes, using seasonal, fresh and ethical ingredients. Only high-quality suppliers are used, and the same attention to detail is applied to the creation of the fine dining dishes as well. Careful consideration is taken when choosing each element of a dish, and nothing will be added unless it gives another dimension to the plate.

Each heart-warming dish is constructed using French fine dining techniques, which consist of classical and innovative methods, and finished off with modern presentation. Indulge home-style, comfort food with Pan Asian and Middle Eastern influences.

With 13 years of experience, Sharmin has travelled and her taste buds have explored to find the perfect flavours for her International yet french cuisine. After researching the spices, ingredients and culinary processes of the Middle East, Pan Asian and European influences are dominant throughout L’Oud Des Eurasie’s menus.

From vibrant vegetarian dishes, to exotic halal meat dishes, there is a huge variety of choice at this contemporary fine dining restaurant. Ranging from all kinds of seafood, such as the Korean Crab Stir fry, Lobster bisque, and meat like the corn-fed Roast chicken, Persian Roast Lamb and medallions of halal venison, indulge in the Euro Asian aromas and heart-warming meals.

Whatever time of day you arrive, whatever meal you wish to have, there are an assortment of menus that can cater to any needs:

Set Lunch  served from 12pm – 3:30pm
Dinner be served from 6pm – 11pm

An extensive beverage menu includes unique mocktails, 0% champagne and the World’s first 24k gold wine. There is also the option of bringing your own alcoholic drink, in order to accompany the meal, with a no corkage charge.

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