• Chicken & Saffron Soup with Barley and Curried Parsnip

• Barbequed Lamb Strips on Sicilian Quinoa Salad

• Confit Lamb, Prune & Mixed Pulses soup with Roiulle

• Tempura Okra on Saffron Dukkah & Mustard Cream

• Halloumi & Lamb Sambousek with Cornichon Laban


• Provencale Bouillabase with Seafood & Bread Rolls

• Pan fried Spiced Cod on Mung Kedegree & Pickled Fennel

• Roast Beef Qawarma cooked in special herb & spices, served with organic basmati vermicelli rice

• Lebanese 7 spice infused Confit Quails braised in sour cherry served with fondant zucchini & saffron cashew rice

• Stuffed baked Aubergine with minced Quorn, Beans, Pomegranate Couscous, Dry Fruits and Toasted Nuts.


• Laziz Ossmallieh – Saffron infused vermicelli cream cheesecake topped with rose petals and pistachio.

• Honey Grilled Plum and Spice Poached Fig served with Walnut and Halva icecream