Elegant french fine dining, located in the heart of Chelsea.

L’Oud Des Eurasie is a luxurious halal fine dining experience, located in the heart of Chelsea. Beyond the busy King’s Road, and the famous Chelsea Football Club ground, lies a luxurious International cuisine inspired restaurant. With its elegant jewellery box interior, and friendly customer service, you will feel like royalty. Within this oasis, is a peaceful and calm atmosphere, decorated with lavish and vibrant features. Sharmin Baksh, the Head Chef and Owner of this fine dining restaurant, does nothing by halves, especially when it comes to the ambience and cuisine.

Sharmin’s passion shines through when it comes to the variety of international dishes. She has carefully sourced only fresh produce from trusted and ethical suppliers, and has travelled all the way from Europe, Middle East, Asia and Far East in order to research their spices, ingredients, and culinary process. Influences and aromas from Jerusalem, Persia, Lebanon and the Far East have also made an impact. By carefully applying all of these elements, plus her French fine dining techniques and innovative presentation, L’Oud Des Eurasie’s menus are created.

All of the dishes that are on offer are healthy, wholesome and Nostalgic. This is what makes L’Oud Des Eurasie one of a kind as you won’t find another fine dining restaurant that serves heartwarming elegant food. The aim is to create a memorable restaurant experience through the cuisine, as well as the customer service and atmosphere. You can enjoy L’Oud Des Eurasie in the restaurant, or you can take away and enjoy a gourmet meal at home.

Another additional way to create memories is to use the Private Dining experience for special occasions or parties. Set menu banquet dining is available, or the option to create your own bespoke menu is possible, too. This restaurant is unique, versatile and heart-warming- you won’t be disappointed. L’Oud Des Eurasie is family freindly restaurant. You could reserve for perfect business meals or hire the venue for banquet bookings.